Our Story

There was a time, a time before fast food. When the humble taco reigned supreme. When people believed everything they heard on the streets of North Texas. This was an age when only Big Tex was allowed to wear Dickies. And in Dallas, Texas, one taco spot was more Tex-Mex than the rest. Its name was The Taco Joint. It was like an oak tree standing tall amongst mere tumbleweeds. It had a taco that could make an armadillo cuddle and queso so fine even The Most Interesting Man in The World couldn't get the time of day. In other words, The Taco Joint was the 10 gallon hat in a one-horse town.


Columbus sails the ocean blue and discovers that not only is the world round, jalapeno ranch is far superior to regular ranch.


Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston drafted the Declaration of Independence. It starts, “We the people, in order to form a more perfect taco combo.”


Thomas Edison develops the first practical incandescent light bulb. He celebrates his success with Tex-Mex.


Color television is introduced in the United States, stunning Americans with tantalizing imagery of rich green guacamole.


Neil Armstrong sets foot on the moon. He says, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind — and breakfast tacos.”


Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings release the album "Wanted: The Outlaws," which was originally titled "Wanted: The Tex-Mex."

March 1980

J.R. Ewing is shot by a mysterious assailant, leaving Dallas fans everywhere in a heightened state of anxiety. The only cure? Taco Joint.

September 1993

Walker Texas Ranger debuts starring Chuck Norris and his beloved firearm, "Nachos."


Corey McCauley and Josh "Dr. J" Fox have their mind on their tacos and tacos on their mind.

Fall 2008

The very first Taco Joint opens on Peak Street, and Co-Owner Jeffrey Kowitz joins the crew, blowing the minds of Dallasites everywhere with the addition of brisket tacos and lines that stretched out the door.

September 2008

Some "important" newspaper leaks the secrets of great eating in Dallas, highlighting The Taco Joint. A Watergate-esque frenzy ensues.

August 2009

Taco Joe and the invaluable Chapulin join the TJ familia.

May 2012

The Taco Joint becomes the best thing to happen to Lakewood … since well … Lakewood. Hangovers everywhere rejoice.

September 2014

Porkiladas gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and on the hearts of North Texans everywhere.

September 2015

The Preston Center location opens on “the historic side” across from the parking garage.

July 2019

The East Dallas bastion of Lake Highlands gets another Tex-Mex contender for Top Taco as Wildcat Nation goes wild with delight.

Coming Spring 2022!

Taco Joint - Inwood (across from Jesuit High School)

Taco Joint - Plano (On Plano Parkway, next to Rodeo Goat & Flying Fish)


Taco Joint - Addison (Preston & Beltline near the Galleria)